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Dollars after the supply is in circulation, the supply will never grow, devaluing the buying power. Smart Contracts Some cryptocurrencies have a feature that cant be duplicated with fiat currencies. Ethereum is among the best examples with its robust support for contracts that are intelligent, basically other uses, some of which we may not have yet imagined in addition to programs that reside on the blockchain and may be used to handle transactions.

The contract that is intelligent can handle the details of a trade, only releasing payment when conditions are met. Cost of Transfers The cost associated with cryptocurrency transports can be a pro or a con, depending on the type of currency, the type of transport, and the speed of the transfer.

Prices are less problematic for less time-sensitive transactions. Kinds such as Ripple, of cryptocurrencies, are an inexpensive to transport, leading to adoption of Ripple-based trades and related technology by financial institutions. Cryptocurrency Disadvantages Cryptocurrencies come with a list of factors that can help traders make investments.

Few retailers accept cryptocurrencies for payment, but a few are there. Overstock.com declared in 2017 which they would accept cryptocurrencies as payment. Payments will be limited to Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, and Monero, giving the other cryptocurrencies the cold shoulder.

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Market adoption of cryptocurrencies for payment has been slow and choices continue to be restricted but the market can change. Obsolescence As many as 1,000 cryptocurrencies have failed with currencies sure to follow. The most common type of failure is at the First Coin Offering (ICO) or shortly afterwards, with many coins finding a crowded market for coins with similar features to existing offerings, causing skepticism among investors.

ICOs are unregulated. Abandoned Cryptocurrency Projects Most of the investment money for cryptocurrencies is focused on a group of coins. Without investor interest, projects can get abandoned, leaving investors with basically worthless digital coins. Regulation risk has two sides, regulation Risk As it pertains to cryptocurrencies. In the U.S., cryptocurrencies are not regulated at a federal level, leaving countries the option to introduce rules and regulations regarding cryptocurrencies or the blockchain technology that functions as the backbone for cryptocurrencies.

Lesser-known cryptocurrencies and liquidity Risk Investors may find fewer buyers, when looking to exit a position creating challenges. Volatility Risk investment classes can rival cryptocurrencies when it comes to price volatility. Prices can rise or fall in a single day, breaking or making fortunes. Third-party Risk Mt. Gox, a Bitcoin exchange based in Japan, and the top exchange worldwide in 2014 was hacked, causing a loss of nearly half a billion dollars in Bitcoin.

Safe Keys Cryptocurrencies are often kept in a wallet, which is secured a long series of words or by a long code. Unlike investment account or your bank account, there is no recovery procedure available if you lose your password. Without your password, your cryptocurrency wallet and its contents are no longer reachable.

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Weiss spotlights a dozen cryptocurrencies it defines as being the weakest. More cautious investors might choose to look at adoption rate, focusing portfolio investment on cryptocurrencies which are currently utilised in real-world transactions.

Fledgling cryptocurrencies may never find the market, preventing investors from exiting the position. Promising New Technology Ethereum and Ripple both owe their stratospheric gains in 2017 to the innovative technology built into their respective platforms, differentiating both cryptocurrencies from the crowded market of frequently similar offerings. Safety or Anonymity Features Technology such as smart contracts, found in Ethereum and several other cryptocurrencies make transactions more secure by enabling a set of principles for each transaction.

Industry Utility Ethereum and Ripple are examples of cryptocurrencies with usefulness beyond a medium of exchange. Ripple, specifically, features its rise in popularity and a cost appreciation of 36,000% in 2017 to which cryptocurrency is best to invest in 2017 approval within the financial industry as a tool to transfer money around the world inexpensively and faster compared to traditional methods.

Redundant Technology Many cryptocurrencies are constructed on open-source code, making it relatively easy to replicate an existing cryptocurrency, possibly making only minor changes to the code or the cryptocurrencys features. In these instances, the new currency might not offer enough unique benefits to justify investment or indicate that the currency will be broadly adopted.

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Staying with monies which have shown signs of market interest is a safer bet. Low Market Cap Much as market cap helps to quickly distinguish between a Dow Jones stock and a penny Visit this site stock, a higher market cap points to a more vibrant marketplace and greater liquidity. Thinly traded cryptocurrencies or those with a low market cap might be a trap thats hard to escape if you will need to make an exit.

Cryptocurrencies with wider support on popular exchanges make it easier to develop or leave a position. How We Chose the Best Cryptocurrencies The most daring investors can buy new cryptocurrencies at the initial coin offering or soon thereafter, following the example set by many of todays Bitcoin millionaires. However, there might never be a next Bitcoin, and the estimated 1,000 cryptocurrencies that have vanished into the electronic ether point to risks for early investors.

Bitcoin (BTC) The granddaddy of all cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin was first and is the most well-known cryptocurrency available on the market. It also benefits from the largest market cap and is among the most highly traded cryptocurrency, assuring liquidity at the short-term. Bitcoin is the king when it comes to retail adoption, leading the rest of the cryptocurrencies concerning approval as a payment medium.

2. Ethereum (ETH) As the currency and platform that made intelligent contracts part of the cryptocurrency markets language, Ethereum has seen massive gains since its debut in 2015. Currently trailing only Bitcoin in regard to market capitalization, Ethereum has become one of the most frequently discussed cryptocurrency projects in the world.

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Morgan are building business-ready versions. With momentum and market excitement behind the Ethereum project, theres no reason to think Ethereum has run its course and investors must consider Ethereum within a cryptocurrency portfolio. 3.

Ripple Labs has announced several partnerships with leading money transfer services, with more financial market partnerships anticipated in the future. Unlike many cryptocurrencies that trade on hopes and dreams, Ripple is being used in the real world now, showing signs of prospective adoption within the financial market community.

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4. EOS (EOS) Another cryptocurrency with intelligent contracts like Ethereum, and that is gaining in popularity is EOS. EOS is credited with being the first blockchain operating system, offering decentralized applications that live on the blockchain and parallel processing, allowing faster transaction speeds and better scalability than some rivals. Transactions on the EOS network are free.

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EOS concluded its year-long ICO in May of this year, raising a total of $4 billion. The longer-duration ICO was done in an effort to make an orderly market for EOS without the dramatic run-up and sudden crash common to cryptocurrencies when started. YTD performance for EOS is level, with less volatility than has been seen with some competitors.

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5. If forced to level criticism against Bitcoin in its present form, slow transaction speeds are among its principal challenges. Bitcoin cash was developed using altered code from the Bitcoin project that allowed larger block sizes, promoting faster transaction times and better scalability.

6. Litecoin (LTC) Now accepted as a payment method at Overstock.com, Litecoin may also have a bright future. Long-term investors in LTC have been rewarded with up to 20x returns, even though a spike in late December 2017 delivered the amount of LTC to over $350.

Higher transaction rate also enhances scalability. If youre new to cryptocurrencies, you may be better served by investing only risk capital and by building a portfolio of widely traded cryptocurrencies.

More established currencies help to prevent some of the volatility and provide better liquidity than found with newly minted cryptocurrencies. Its important to learn where a cryptocurrency could be traded and how big the market is for that cryptocurrency. Many early investors have found themselves without a viable method to exit the position.

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Craving more cryptocurrency knowledge Check out Benzingas guides to the best cryptocurrency market, how to trade cryptocurrency and best cryptocurrency wallets.

When investing in cryptocurrency, one overlooked but important element to look out for is utility. Forget the flashy ICO adverts and look in how a cryptocurrency will be used. A utility provides a cryptocurrency with these benefits:Enhances liquidity A cryptocurrency that transferred, is always being used and traded allows to buy and sell said.

Investors seeking to profit from the demand that was cryptocurrencys also seek out it. Creates scarcity The more a cryptocurrency is in demand the more it will be acquired by consumers, leading to less coins in circulation. We will look at three different cryptocurrencies with use cases that are very ambitious today.

PAN has been designed to work being able to move to vice versa and the Lisk blockchain.

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To achieve this, PAN relies on Token Atomic Swap Technology (TAST), which is essentially Atomic Swap technologies for inter-blockchain transfers involving cryptocurrency tokens. To help bring this project to life, PAN is being developed in cooperation with researchers from several institutions which include:University of Vienna Research Institute for Future Cryptoeconomics (RIAT)Austrian Academy of Sciences If effective, PAN will allow near instant cross-chain transfers, allowing users to transfer resources from 1 blockchain to another without having to use a third party medium such as an exchange.

For what they want to accomplish, the partners they work with (such as Waves, Komodo, Lisk & NEM) and the low access to this token, I believe PAN is quite undervalued. Omise Go (OMG)Omise Go (OMG) is now sitting at a marketcap of $248 million and a price of $1.75 which is incredible considering the massive demand this cryptocurrency had only last year.

Omise was also awarded Digital Startup of The Year by Thailands Prime Minister and was featured in Forbes Thailand in 2016. OMG is trying to solve two problems:Hundreds of thousand people in Asia, and 2 billion people around the world, are unbanked, meaning they dont have access to a bank account.

OMG wants to offer the unbanked population with a simple to use system to store, send and receive cash, in any asset or currency, for a very low cost. To put it more simply, Omise Go wants customers, vendors and retailers to easily transfer money throughout the globe, across any network with any type of currency of asset type.


OMG are targeting both people and Electronic Payment Providers that gives the cryptocurrency a enormous room for adoption.